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We are glad to announce the release of Dr. Kevin Campbell's newest book “Losing Our Way in Helthcare—The Impact of Reform”

What will be the ultimate impact of healthcare reform in the US?
Internationally renowned cardiologist and thought leader Dr Kevin R. Campbell explores the way in which the Affordable Care Act legislation has been developed and implemented in the US today. Dr Campbell, a well known on air media personality from the Fox News Channel as well as Fox Business, explores the ways in which the new healthcare legislation has impacted patients and physicians—ultimately Dr Campbell paints a disturbing picture of a legislated separation between doctor and patient.

Government interference in medicine has resulted in chaos. Patients as well as physicians are confused and frustrated. Politicians are out of touch and detached—Congress even “excepted” themselves and their staffers from the very law they created and touted as one of the most significant reforms in US history.

Physicians are becoming disillusioned with medicine and burnout rates are at an all time high. What price will patients pay for the hubris of the Obama administration and the desire for a legacy (at all costs)?

Excerpt from the book:
Healthcare in the US is rapidly changing. The complete overhaul in the US system that hasoccurred as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare will forever modify the way in which doctors and patients interact. This book is a collection of essays that initially are a heartfelt description of the author's passion for patient care and an exploration of what it means to practice the art of healing. As the story develops, these essays then go on to explore healthcare reform in the US and how the proposed (and ongoing) changes in our healthcare system are likely to impact the practice of medicine and ultimately negatively impact the doctor-patient relationship. The essays explore serious ethical concerns and leave the reader wondering just how medicine will be practiced in the future—what will be the ultimate Obamacare fallout?. Will there be any “Art” left in medicine?

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